Jizzy Pearl Crucified (2013) EP Review

JizzyPearlCrucified I have seen Jizzy Pearl perform with L.A. Guns, RATT, and I have always wanted to see Jizzy Pearl perform live with Love/Hate. I sadly missed my chance at the 2013 M3 Music festival which I was unable to attend.

Jizzy Pearl s latest effort Crucified started out as a Love/Hate record, but after a recently released statement1, the album title was changed to a Jizzy Pearl solo record, and sadly, we may never see Love/Hate perform again.

This album works better as a Jizzy Pearl album as it doesn t really have a Love/Hate feel. That doesn t make it any less enjoyable however.

Crucified starts out strong enough with the punk infused rocker Hanging You Out To Dry . This song is the heaviest on the EP.

Sunny Day is a mid tempo number that Jizzy says is a love song to his girlfriend.

It is a trippy number that grows on you with a few plays. You re Making Me Nervous is a song that I could hear get some serious airplay. This is the catchiest song on the Crucified EP.

I Don t Want To Be Your Baby is a slower acoustic based number that is a cool twist on the 80 s power ballad.

If there was one song that screams hit on Crucified, this is the one. Jizzy wears his Zeppelin influences on his sleeve with Love Is All . This is another bit of late 70 s classic rock.

I love this tune.

I wonder if playing with Traci Guns had an influence on the song Too Late . This song has a 90ish LA Guns feel to it, with a bluesier twist.

Overall, this is a solid effort from Jizzy Pearl and one that I will get a lot of plays out of. If you are a Love/Hate or Jizzy Pearl fan, you should definitely check this out.

You can purchase it at Amazon.com2 & iTunes3.

Rating: 7VOut of 10

Track Listing:Jizzy Pearl

01. Hanging You Out To Dry

02. Sunny Day


You re Making Me Nervous

04. I Don t Want To Be Your Baby

05. Love Is All


Too Late


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