Hey all you Prozac Popping Mommies (and your daughters …

Allen_DylanJoey certainly got it right in his Monday post about Ladies Night1.

Downtown Gloucester is absolutely the place to be tomorrow (Thursday).

And if you need a break from your local shopping (that supports our local economy), mosey on down to the Gloucester House some time between 8 and 10:30 to catch Allen Estes2 with his son, Dylan ~ two good looking guys with great voices and songs that will warm your heart.

Have something to eat, a few drinks and then get right back out there and, as Joey says, drop some cash.

Meanwhile, there s great live music all over Cape Ann tonight too and plenty for the guys tomorrow if you want to get away from the ladies. Check it all out here3.


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  3. ^ Check it all out here (www.gimmesound.com)

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